50 Hot Selling Products You Can Import, Sell And Make Money In Nigeria

Have you been thinking about what items to import into Nigeria and make either as a side hustle or a major business , this article is here to help you.

According to Worldometers.info, Nigeria has a population of about 206,000,000. Now that’s a huge number. Out of this number, the percentage of those in need of different kinds goods and services exceeds 70 percent. As an individual, all you need to do is to discover the needs of those around you, and see how you can be able to provide them with reliable solutions.

There are literally millions of products all over the world but you need to know what you can sell fast enough in an economy like Nigeria. Firstly, Survey the market and study the consumption trend, enquire from friends and family to find out what they use daily or what they can convince you that people use daily. Verify this and move on to the next step of product sourcing.

Below list are 50 items that you can import right now and start selling right away because the market is there;

1. Phone Screens: Until everyone is able to afford an unbreakable screen, this will continue selling

2. Apples: Literally, apples sell so fast; if you can afford it, go for it

3. Memory cards: To save more of the important files

4. Ear phones: Entertainment is now a big part of our lives, earphones are high in demand

5. Air pods : For calls and Music

6. Games (PS, Nintendo and their likes): A lot of People always unwind with games

7. Candles: Go for the ones with fragrance.

8. Printers: Is there an office without a printer, Maybe like 1 out of 5

9. Camera: In this era of videos, you won’t be mistaking at all.

10. Car trackers: People don’t want their cars stolen but if it gets stolen, they need to recover it fast.

11. Hair Extension: Most ladies change hair every week

12. Solar lamps: Because Nigeria’s power is still epileptic

13. Power banks: It can frustrating when your phone is about to go off, and no charging spot close by.

14. Wristwatches: Can be used both to improve appearance and also monitor time.

15. Scanner: Almost ever office has a scanner, and they go bad. So they can buy from you.

16. Phone Pouch: Ladies especially so much love fanciful phone pouches.

17. Ladies Shoes

18. Men Shoes

19. Kiddies Shoes

20. Kiddies Clothes

21. Kiddies Toys

22. Bicycle for kid

23. Bicycle for adults

24. Men clothing

25. Women Clothing

26. Books

27. CCTV Camera: very critical for security purposes

28. Ladies fashion bags.

29. Men’s wallet

30. Ladies’ purses

31. Jewelries

32. Fabrics.

33. Vacuum cleaners

34. Projectors

35. Phone Panels.

36. Phone tools.

37. Laptops.

38. Wall Sockets

39. Electric bulbs.

40 Motor parts.

41. Bathroom Accessories.

42. Rugs.

43. Beddings.

44. Computer accessories

45. Ladies Undies

46. Men undies

47. Motorcycle spare parts (for states that allow them)

48. Tricycle spare parts.

49. Generator spare parts.

50. Water closets.


51. Car batteries

52. Sports wears.

53. Make up kits

54. Home Appliances

55. Medical equipment

56. Lawn mowers

57. Garden equipment.

58. Musical equipment

59. Cookers and burners.

60. Interior decoration item.

Financial Freedom Tip

Embrace getting rich slowly

When you’re always thinking about how to make money fast, how to get rich overnight, you’re setting yourself up for poverty. Because you will easily get overwhelmed and go back to status quo. But when you do it one day at a time, putting a little step forward each day, you’ll see yourself getting closer to your goal day by day. That’s how most millionaires are made.

There you go! You have gotten 50 hot selling products you can sell and make money in Nigeria. Start with one or two. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out. You will learn more as you go on your journey. But ensure you take a step forward.

Which product(s) are you going to start with? Let us know in the comment. Go forth and make sales. It’s all about cashing out

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