I enable financial freedom in myself and mothers everywhere. Let the money worry go so we can face other important issues in our families.

1. Every woman is worthy of a good, rich and wealthy life.

2. Every mom is inherently capable, can aspire to greatness and have the power to achieve financial


I am passionate about making money through Hard work. Building wealth is a process which requires commitment and takes time. This blog, mom’s money zone is definitely not a get rich quick zone. 

I strive to be model to the principles and practices I teach showing my journey per time, the highs and the lows.

Omede Deborah (aka Debbie) is a financial freedom advocate, medical laboratory technician, e-commerce expert, wife to her prince charming, mother to two(2) lovely kiddos, sister, and a grand daughter.

During the day on workdays, you can easily catch her at her day job in Newgate Hospital and at night, she catches up with reading and writing.

I started my first weight loss blog(adventurewithdebbie.com) in 2017. However, I lost that domain when I got pregnant for her second child.

In 2020, I revisited her passion and started mom’s money zone which is basically about financial empowerment for mothers.

If you’re ready to take your financial destiny in your hands and work hand in hand with Debbie, you can hit her up on her email @ richmom4god@gmail.com