Become A Wife & Mother Who Knows Finance

Becoming a financial pillar is one of the greatest blessings you can bring to your home as a Mom. This is because when your family is financially distressed you worry about it all the time. There will be tension everywhere arising from debt, food, money for school fee and even shelter

Become a financial pillar in your own home.

As a wife, ask yourself, how has my husband’s life, his family or his friends, improved since I married him?
Are you a burden or a blessing?

Every wise woman build her own home but the foolish plucked it down

Have your husband financial life soared since you met or has it crashed? These are questions mothers should be asking themselves from time to time

As wives, it’s easy for us to slip into the “wifely role” and sit back and wait for the man to take total responsibility of the family income. Yes, he is the man of the house, let him bring all the money. It’s their responsibility but do you realize that you have a role to play too.

You’re soulmates. This means that you equally share in the responsibility of the home,  you bear one another’s burden.

Do you even know that there are women who have taken full responsibility for the finances of their home. The bring home multiple times the amount their husband brings home
This is not for ego or pride sake, it makes life easier for everyone.

Why Become A  Wife/Mother That Knows Finance?

Some men have become older than their age because of the excess financial load they carry. Others have developed high blood pressure because of unserviced debt.

Woman, you can make the burden lighter for your man!

Become a mom that knows about finance. Make it your point of call to bring food to the table
Every wise woman build her home but the foolish pluck it down.
Which one are you?

How Do You Become A Wife& Mother That Knows Finance

  • It starts with a decision
  • Do research
  • See yourself as a solution
  • Read books on finance
  • Take action:

Benefits Of Becoming A Wife & Mother That Knows Finance

  1. Your family will become financially free
  2. Your husband will honour you
  3. You will command respect among your peers, in-laws and the society at large
  4. You will live life on your own terms
  5. You will become resourceful
  6. You will be able to cater for the poor and vulnerable in the society.
  7. You will achieve your dreams

Becoming a mother that knows finance takes serious work, leaps of faith and commitment.

The good news is that if you’re committed to making the finance of your family work and you’re ready to go all the way to put in the right hard work, you will see results.

Reject Mediocrity

The difference between mediocrity and excellence is often a matter of effort.

~Diana Twain

Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of something better.

~Gordon B. Hinckley.

Rise Above The Tide

Rise above the storm and you will find sunshine
~Mario Fernandez
Become a Wife & Mother who knows about finance. Whatever financial storm in your life, you can rise above it.
What’s your plan for becoming a mother who knows finance, let me know in the comment


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