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To blaze the trend with outstanding personalities like Tyler, the Creator, Kristen Stewart and others with a Casio Touch watch

Timepieces are not just for keeping track of time. They are also a great way to make a bold fashion statement, show love and show a sense of taste and responsibility. It's time you joined this league!

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It Is Time To Flaunt Your Wrist!

Among the most innovative luxury watch brands on the market today, we know Casio for its unique “fusion” watches. Casio designers combine rare metals, rubber, leather, ceramics, and fabrics for maximum comfort, functionality, and style. Casio developed the world’s first digital watch, and continually engineers new materials, such as its signature “King Gold” alloy. Casio’s stylish designs are instantly recognizable; the watches are excellent and precise. CASIO continues to manufacture watches that impress with their function and design and that not only anticipate trends, but also set them. The CASIO Vintage Collection transfers the stylish and characteristic watch design of the 70s and 80s into the present. The original CASIO Touch Watch design is brought to life…

...But, Why a CASIO?

The brand’s watches really lounge in the spotlight on the wrists of two celebrities in particular, Tyler, the Creator and Kristen Stewart. And these aren’t just your normal A-list celebs, but folks with a long track record of dressing in ways we dream, in our wildest dreams, of dressing.

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