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Kitchen set Polissya 43412 “NATALI” No. 3, designed for girls from 2 years old. Perfectly fit into any interior of the girl’s children’s room, without taking up much space.

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It is equipped with a stove with two burners and an oven, a sink, a large countertop, a dryer and a set of dishes. All elements of the game set are made of high quality and safe plastic, painted in pleasant colors. Dishes and cutlery are conveniently placed in their places – they are provided with shelves and special hooks. This will teach the child to put the toys in their places after the game is over. The toy is divided into several main areas: for cutting food, cooking and washing dishes.
Cutlery, saucers and cups are presented in quantities of 2 pieces, which will allow the child to invite his best friend or beloved mother for lunch or tea.
Green doors open and close, they are equipped with decorative windows and add realism to the kitchen set.


Gender: for boys and girls
Packing size: 500x195x565 mm
Toy size: 880x320x750 mm
Material: plastic
Packing: cardboard box
Weight: 3.78 kg
Age: from 2 to 6 years
Brand: Polissya Brand
country: Belaru


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