How to Set Your Personal Goals and Crush them Before the end of 2021

Are you looking for unique ways to set your goals for the year 2021, but you haven’t gotten a valuable heads up?

You are not alone that is having this challenge. All over the world, thousands of women are yet to start their 2021 because of the hurdles and indecision they are having in terms of setting goals for 2021.

I understand how you feel. That is why I wrote this article to help you set the ground for your New Year with the numerous ideas I would share with you.


So, if you are serious about making this year better than the last, read on to discover some of the simple steps to setting and crushing your goals for 2021.

Is It a Goal or a Resolution?

The very first thing you must do is to differentiate between goals and resolutions. Understandably, you have set your mind to stop doing some things in 2021. That is your resolution. So, you must first understand that your resolutions are different from your goals.

Your goals are the things you are committed to achieving in the year 2021.

That said, let us move on to other things you need to do to set and achieve your goals for 2021.

How Can I Set My Personal Goals for 2021?

Okay, we have come to that part of goal-setting that makes many people uncomfortable. We all know how tough the year 2020 was. From the outbreak of the Coronavirus to the locking down of cities and many people losing their jobs; it was a tough year.

So, you may have just concluded that yes 2020 was quite tough, and you need some time to get back your sanity before chasing after what you want to accomplish the next year.

But, 2021 is already on the move, and so many women all over the world are already positioning themselves to make the most out of it.

If you want to actualize at least 93% of the goals you set this year, here are helpful strategies to help you along the pathway of crushing all you set to achieve back-to-back:

1.      Write Out Everything You Have in Mind

There is no denying that 7 out of 10 women have at least 10 goals or things they want to achieve before the end of the year.

While some goals may not be actualized at the onset, you need to put them all down in paper. The importance of doing this is that it helps you to find out some of the important goals that need to be prioritized over the others.

2.      Prioritize Your Goals

The next thing you have to do is to prioritize the goals you have written down. Let’s say you wrote down 10 goals, it doesn’t mean that you could achieve them all before the end of the year.

Some goals are more important than others are. It is those important goals (according to your assessment) that must be prioritized or made the first on the list.

To help you sort through the goals and narrow them down, here are some ways to do that:

What is the Source of Your Motivation?

At the start of every year, many women are overjoyed and start to set their minds to things they intend to achieve.

However, the source of your motivation matters a lot in the grand scheme of things, as far as setting clear goals for 2021 is concerned.

Megan did a great job in this exclusive blog post where she explained everything you need to know about setting personal goals that stick

There are two (2) sources of motivation, and understanding how they work could help in clearing the confusion you seem to have.

Intrinsic Motivation

The first is Intrinsic Motivation, which is the motivation you internally generated. This should be your primary motivating force because any goal you set with this in mind is likely to be crushed. It is your conviction and your desire to actualize those goals that will make it a lot easier for you to crush the goals.

Extrinsic Motivation

On the other hand, there is the Extrinsic Motivation, which is motivation from other people. Perhaps, a couple of friends figured out that you are good at something, and they are pushing you along to include those goals in what you can achieve in 2021.

By and large, you are the only one that can define the type of motivational force you find more compelling.

Do you find it easier to crush your goals when you have people nudging you on? If so, Extrinsic Motivation is ideal.

Otherwise, stick to Intrinsic Motivation so you can set your personal goals and take decisive actions to crush them in the shortest time possible.

3.      Clarify Your Goals

Another way to crush your goals in 2021 is to make them as clear as possible. It is rather saddening that up to 45% of women are rather ambiguous in their goal-setting instead of being concise.

For example, if you want to lose weight, your goal shouldn’t be losing weight. Do you know why? It is because you are just scratching the surface.

The ideal way to clarify such a goal is to define your weight loss expectations. Instead of just setting a goal to lose weight, you can decide to be clear about it by saying you want to lose 30 pounds before the end of the year.

Likewise, if you want to buy a car, you should clarify it by saying you would buy a specific brand, such as Rolls Royce, Toyota or Bentley.

That way, you are already clarifying your goal to buy a car, and setting up plans to make the amount of money that can afford you the car in question.

4.      Remain Committed to Your Goals

As I mentioned earlier, you need to set achievable goals. At the same time, your commitment to the goals could be the single factor that will make you achieve them.

Between January and February, many women would come up with hundreds of personal goals they want to crush.

However, in the second quarter of the year, many of them must have derailed from the goals and started doing something else.

Therefore, your commitment to the goals you set should be one of the ways of setting personal goals for 2021.

5.      Make Your Set Goals Measurable

Another thing you must do is to set a realistic goal. I understand that you have many things on your plate, and you want to accomplish at least 90% of them before the end of the year.

But, of what essence is to be distracted by focusing on many things at the same time, and not achieving any in the end?

So, ensure that the goals you are setting are measurable. Being measurable here could be mean many things, including that the goals can be divided into smaller parts for easier accomplishment.

For example, if you want to have $30,000 in your bank account before the end, you have to find ways to make that happen.

First, you want to look for additional jobs or gigs you can take up as side hustles to earn additional income.

Second, you want to break down your financial goal for 2021 ($30,000 in this case) into smaller parts. For example, you can divide the $30,000 by the number of months you hope to actively hustle for the money. If you have ten (10) active months to work for it that means you should make an average $3,000 every month.

You can find out in this blog post how you can set your 2021 personal goals the SMART way.

Measuring your goals will help you a lot because it would help you map out how long it will take you to attain the goal.

6.      Include Deadlines to Your Set Goals

Time is of the essence in anything you are doing. As you are setting goals for 2021, also make sure you are putting a time to it.

The importance of deadlines when setting personal goals cannot be underemphasized. When you have a timeframe to crush your goals, it would fire you up to do all you can to accomplish the set goals before the deadline elapses.

I must clarify at this point that setting deadlines could come with its fair share of challenges too. For example, we are slowly heading into the third week of 2021. It would only be a matter of time before January is over.

You may not have set your personal goals for the year. Or, even if you have, you may not have started working towards that.

So, including a deadline at such a point could cause you to panic, especially when you have limited time to achieve all you set out to.

For instance, if you set a 12-month plan to make a specific amount of money, you would find out that you’ve already lost some weeks.

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In trying to make up for the time lost, you would lose concentration and may end up abandoning the goal you set.

A better way to handle the situation is to work with a flexible timeframe that allows you not to miss out even if you have some weeks of not working towards your goals.

7.      Are You Setting Your Goals for 2021 Alone?

It is no secret that this is the common trend you will find in up to 70% of women that set their goals for 2021.

In the goals for 2021 template, you will find out that many women just focused on this year alone.

The truth of the matter is that only a few women bother themselves with the bigger picture. They are more like living for each day.

So, are you setting your personal goals for 2021 alone, or are you also considering the future plans?

This article on Dave Ramsey’s blog explains everything you need to get started with setting your goals for 2021.

Depending on your disposition and what you want to achieve in life, you want to restructure your goals for 2021 ideas to include your long-term goals too.

Now is a better time to start including goals that would make your future accomplishments easier.

8.      Think About the Why

Anyone can set goals, but only a few would remain committed to achieving the same. Are you setting your personal goals for 2021 because you saw other women doing that? Or are you looking for how to set goals for 2021 because you have a reason for doing so?

You need to think about and consider the Why, which is the primary reason why you want to set those goals in the first place.

Having a why would also play a significant role in the discovery of the goals that matter to you. Define the reason why you are setting those goals because it is also an excellent way to remain resolute and committed to your goals because it motivates you to keep pushing until the goals are achieved.

9.      Plan Your Goals

As rightly said, if you fail to plan for something, you are only planning to fail at that thing. Therefore, you need to plan on how to accomplish the goals you already set your mind to.

Without any doubt, planning how to accomplish any goal is one of the most difficult things to do.

So, here are some of the ways to set and plan your goals until they are achieved:

Break Down Your Personal Goals into Smaller Units

You cannot put all your hands into your mouth. So, you have to break down the personal goals you already prioritized.

One of the main benefits of breaking down your personal goals is that it creates a visible path for you to see the actions you need to take to achieve the goals you have.

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Set Specific Actions for the Goals

Talking about actions, how do you intend to crush my personal goals for 2021? What actions would you take to bring you closer to actualizing the goals you already set?

Specific actions are important in the accomplishment of set goals because they are the series of inputs you make to ensure that you are committed to the goals.

For example, if you want to be promoted at your workplace, some of the actions you can take include:

  • Writing professional examinations to qualify you for the position you want to be elevated to.
  • Signing up for a class or buying a course that teaches you some of the skills you never had for the position you are aspiring for.
  • Maintaining a friendly workplace attitude by avoiding frictions with your colleagues so you don’t come off as being rude or toxic.
  • Always be punctual to work, and do all your jobs diligently. You can never tell who is watching your work ethics.



10.  Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Goals

Remember that these are your personal goals for 2021. Nobody would take the blame if you failed to achieve all the goals you set.

Therefore, you are the only one that is accountable for both the success and failure of your goals.

Of course, you may find it all hard to manage your daily activities, and still, have an eye on the things you want to achieve in 2021.

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To that end, here are some of the ways I figured out to help you crush your personal goals in 2021 while holding yourself accountable:

Track Your Goals on Paper

As much as technology has made it possible for us to do things with the To-Do Apps on our smartphones; it may still be wise to use your pen and paper sometimes.

If you prioritize your goals so much, consider putting them down on paper. Also, you can create tables for the steps you take every day to bring you closer to accomplishing your goals.

If you can, also let close friends and family know about your goals. Ask them to occasionally keep tabs on you to see if you are still working on those goals.

Plan for Failure and Get Back on Track when You Fail

You will not win all the time. It is not our wish that you fail in accomplishing your goals, but that is the reality of life.

Sometimes, you lose something to gain another back. That is why you should also have it at the back of your mind that you wouldn’t win all the time.

Anticipate failure at some points in the course of accomplishing your personal goals for 2021.

It is one thing to anticipate failure. It is another thing to learn from your failures, and make the most out of it.

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A general rule is to set your mind to staging a comeback, even after you must have failed. The point is that you shouldn’t allow yourself to be downcast for failing.

Instead, that should be an ideal time for you to re-strategize, and get back on track to crush those personal goals you set at the beginning of the year.

Find Out Potential Obstacles and Look for Ways to Overcome Them

do away with the obstacles that could affect your personal goals for 2021

Failure is different from obstacles. It is when you failed to overcome the obstacles or obstructions on your way that it culminates to failure.

There are potential bottlenecks that you tend to face while trying to actualize your personal goals in 2021.

Examples of goals and their likely obstacles are:

Having Goals of Writing 1,000 Blog Posts in 2021

If you run a blog on the side, you may have set a goal to write 1,000 blog posts before the end of the year.

You already set a measurable milestone of writing 3 blog posts every day. But, what you haven’t figured out is that you may be distracted on some days.

For example, you may have network frictions that would reduce your access to the Internet, at least, for some hours.

If you are living with someone or you live in a neighbourhood, another obstacle could be someone turning up the loudspeaker too loud to distract you.

Trying to Lose Weight, But You Can’t Do Away with Candies

If you are trying to lose say 30 pounds a year, it may not be possible if you still consume more carbohydrate meals.

Also, your weight loss goals may be stalled if you cannot do away with candies, brownies and snacks that could add more pounds of flesh than they take away from your body.

The rule of thumb is to find out some of the bottlenecks and obstacles that could stall your goals. Then, make conscious efforts to prevent them from becoming a problem.

One of the ideal ways to tackle such obstacles is to change your current environment if it proves to be more of a distraction.

Also, consider belonging to a community of like minds – people that are working hard to crush the same personal goals as you are.

Goal Examples You Should Include in Your Personal Goals for 2021 Ideas

You have an idea of the work goals for 2021, as well as the personal goals ideas you want to achieve in 2021.

Yet, there are some recommended set goals you cannot ignore. These goals revolve around different meaningful areas of your daily existence.

Here are some of the areas of your life you want to set goals for, as well as include them in your personal goals for 2021:

1.      Career Goals

consider your career expectations as one of your personal goals for 2021

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or you are working, you have a career. As a stay-at-home mom, you have some side hustles you engage in to make some money on the side.

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On the other hand, you are working for a promotion or an elevated position in your workplace.

No matter your current career as a mom, one of your personal goal ideas for 2021 should be for your career.

Some of the goals you should be working hard to achieve in your career are:

  • Learning new skills related to your career
  • Working hard to earn a salary increase
  • Being particular about the steps you take towards promotion in your workplace

You can read more about the major steps you need to take to change your life in 2021.

2.      Fitness Goals

Health is wealth, they say. Include fitness as one of the personal goals you hope to crush in 2021.

There are different opinions by people when it comes to including fitness as one of their goals. For some, it is to lose weight. To some others, their fitness goal is to gain additional weight.

Also, you can include the type of meals you consume and regular exercises into your fitness goals.

3.      Finance Should Be Part of Your Personal Goals

make your finance one of your personal goals for 2021

You need to make more money this year so you can afford some of the things you couldn’t afford now. Thus, financial goals are important and should be part of your goals this year.

You have many reasons for wanting financial freedom. It could be so you can afford a trip to a tourist location you hold dear. It could also be to buy your own home or to acquire cars and properties.

Besides, you can use these tips to start working towards different aspects of your financial independence this year. Some of these include:

  • Paying off all you owe, so you will be debt-free
  • Saving some money ahead of your retirement

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No matter your financial goals, the result is that when you set your financial expectations, you will be filled with ideas on how to achieve financial freedom.

4.      Relationship Goals

You can also set realistic relationship goals that you want to achieve in 2021. It could be from calling your parents twice a week or taking your wife or fiancée out for dinner dates.

All you are doing here is to strengthen the bond you have with your loved ones.

Besides, your career or your educational pursuits could come in between you and your loved ones in the past. And despite including this in your personal goals for the year, it may still not change anything.

Say, you have been working for 10 hours every day in the past year. This year, you tend to work for more hours than you previously did so you can achieve most of the goals you set.

From the look of things, the tiny line that still holds you and you loved ones may just become thinner as the days go by.

Therefore, a better way to fulfil your relationship promises to your loved ones is to make out more time for them. It could be spending at least 3 hours on a Sunday with them, or taking them to see a movie every weekend.

With more time in your hands and more expressive ways to show love, you would find it a lot easier to solidify your bond with your loved ones.

5.      Social Goals

How do you relate to other people? Maybe, you are an introvert, and you have a small circle of friends.

Or you are the busy-bee that doesn’t have all the time in the world to socialize and meet new faces.

Consider including social goals into your personal growth goals for 2021, because that would help you connect more with other people.

The other way round, you may want to reduce your social circle by cutting down on the number of social engagements you have, especially if they reduce your efficiency.

6.      Set Your Spiritual Goals

Your spiritual life is also important and should be one of the things you consider when setting personal goals for 2021.

You need to grow spiritually, and this is one of the most undermined personal goals. So, consider some of the things you can do to make your spiritual life livelier and closer to God.

Some of the ways to go about setting your spiritual goals for the year are:

  • Becoming more active in your local Church
  • Having your Quiet Time
  • Starting a daily journal that includes the Bible verses you would read, and if you can, go for evangelism too.


7.      Set Educational Goals

set your education personal goals for 2021

You can also set your educational goals, such as the degree you want to have, and the institution you hope to attend.

Of course, different women have different educational goals they want to accomplish. Yours could be to get admitted to the choicest institution in the world. It could also be to emerge the best graduating student in your set.

Perhaps, you are pushing hard to complete your Masters this year, so you can kick off your PhD program next year.

No matter the goals you want to achieve as far as your education is concerned, they are valid. You just need to find a way to balance your mom duty and your academics so you can accomplish all you set.

Set Your Personal Goals for 2021 Today

The year 2021 is already into the third week. It is time to set your personal goals for 2021 while making conscious efforts to accomplish most of them before the end of the year.

What personal goals do you have for 2021? How do you hope to crush those goals? Please, share your thoughts via the comment section!


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