What You Can do to Make Money in Nigeria

What can I do to make money? This question is asked a million times over on google everyday.

A search on Google will show you the many forms in which this question is asked. Well, I don’t blame anybody for seeking to better their lives.Everybody deserves a good life

Especially in this era, where staying at home is the new gospel, people are searching for ways to earn money working from home.

If you’re in this category, this post is for you. You’re going to discover what you can do to make money working from home or anywhere in the world.

I want to establish that success and money do not happen overnight. It takes time, preserverence, patience and willingness to work very hard.

This is the basis of wealth creation.
This is the method I am adopting to create financial freedom for me and my family.

I have been up and doing in the following areas. You can adopt them if you’re thinking of what to do to earn money online.

Take a Copy Writing Course.
Udemy is a go to resource for this. With a few dollars, you’ll be a certified copywriter in less than 6 months(you must be willing to put in the time and work).

In my own case, I joined an online class(master class) for 30 days. I didn’t master the art in 30 days. But now, everyday, I am honing my copywriting skill. Google is my friend.

My goal is to become the most sought after copywriter in Nigeria in year 2021.

Do you know how much copywriters earn? Tons of millions yearly. My mentor here in Nigeria says he cannot charge less than N500K to do any copy writing job.

Can you beat that?

Opportunity is alive and well.

Zig Ziglar

So, they are a lot of things you can do to make money. The problem is, humans are mentally lazy. They don’t want to go through the pain to get the gain.

What we want is quick money with minimal effort.
However, there’s no free launch anywhere.

Start an E commerce Business!

E commerce has come to the rescue of many young Nigerians. I know of a 23 year millionaire whose primary source of income is eCommerce.

The sweet part of eCommerce is that you don’t even need to have the goods before you can sell them. This is a top secret. Run your ad on Facebook for any product you want to sell. Get buyers and do the logistic from the supplier to the buyer.

I remember the sale I made some weeks back. I tell you sincerely, I didn’t see the product before it got to my client. Got the order, got delivery agent deliver the product from my supplier to the client.

This is a secret that’s making millions for young Nigerians and many stay at home moms. As a student, stay at home mom or someone who just want a way to earn a legitimate extra money, you can take this route.
Though there are pros and cons. If you apply the right strategies, you will get results.

Start a Niche Blog

This is a last one I will talk about today
They’re millions of people all over the word who are making a full-time income, blogging.

It’s no longer news that our very own Linder Ikeji became a millionaire through her blog.
What are the ways you can earn money from a blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling ad spaces
  • Selling online courses
  • Membership community
  • Sponsored post  etc.

Positive Energy.

what can you do to make money- have positive energy

D0 you remember the law of attraction? Your thoughts eventually become things. You attract what you think about most. Wealth is first and foremost, a state of the mind.

One thing I have learnt in my wealth building is to gain control of my emotions. Positive energy draws posititivity into your life and vice versa.

Be careful what you allow into your mind because as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Finally, believe in yourself. Have faith in God and see yourself everyday in possession of wealth.

Dont give up! If you keep moving, sooner than later, you’ll crack the money code.

The adventure just began. Enjoy the process.

Your journey to financial freedom just began.

Which positive step are you going to take today? Let’s know in the comments



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